17-year-old Jane Park from Edinburgh is one of the youngest ever lottery winners. She won £1,000,000 with her first ever lucky dip in July 2013.

We follow Jane over the course of her first year as a millionaire as she tries to figure out what to do with her new-found wealth. She has an 18th birthday party to plan, adventures living the life of a season worker in Magaluf and a new home to buy.

She faces the struggles, as well as the opportunities, that her sudden wealth brings.

Producer/director: Matthew Pinder


“The best thing about Jane, and there’s a lot to choose from, is that coming from the Niddrie estate in Edinburgh she never once lets fatuous tripe like “money doesn’t buy happiness” leave her gob.” – The Guardian


The BBC Three transmission of Teenage Millionaire gained the channel’s highest overngiht rating that week, and the programme peaked at no.2 in the iPlayer chart, behind only Eastenders.